Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi. My name is Andrea and this is my blog. I have had other blogs but feel the need for a fresh start. So it's kinda like i'm a blog virgin all over again :) This is where I will post about anything and everything that comes to mind. You can also find me on facebook here: and you can also find me on youtube here: Although my youtube channel is currently getting a makeover please keep checking back for new videos. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!
XOXO- Andrea


silvergirl said...

Hi Andrea
I am very new to blogging ( my blog is not even a week old yet) I love the fact that you are starting over. I think it is great that one can have a do over out in cyber space!
Great advice to read you blog like a Brit. I love everything British.
looking forward to following you and I covet all of your boots!

cuppycakeme said...

:) You are so kind! I looked at your blog and am now following! CUTE CUTE CUTE! Thanks for the props! I just needed a clean slate! Good luck in your blogging adventures! I'll tell my friends to follow! And thanks about the boots..... I'm completely addicted! lol